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  • Annual American Functional Medicine Association
About Us

American Functional Medicine Association (AFMA) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization comprised of scientists and healthcare practitioners from all specialties, ranging from physicians, pharmacists, scientists, naturopaths, and chiropractors to nurse practitioners, nurses and physician assistants. Our mission is to promote the science of integrative medicine, provide cutting edge science based conferences and improve the practice of medicine and patient care.

Our conference topics are designed to help improve the effectiveness of medical practices through the integration of functional medicine medical therapies. The exciting field of functional and integrative medicine is forever evolving by leaps and bounds each day. AFMA is eager to embrace new and cutting edge scientific technologies that may be vital to the improvement of patient care. Our conferences are geared to enhance medical practices whether they are cash, insurance, out of network or concierge based practice. AFMA strives through education to help practitioners improve their clinical skills, knowledge base and delivery of patient care. We help medical practices to become functional by providing better healthcare to patients.