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Exhibitor Exposition

Exhibitors Exposition Services

Our Conference Booths are 10 X 10 and contain:

  1. 8 high back drapes and 3 high side rail drape
  2. Floor marking
  3. 8 Draped Table
  4. Two side chairs
  5. One waste basket
  6. One 7 x 44 ID sign


Contracted Exposition Services:
AFMA does not provide exposition services directly but instead contracts with a third party for these services. Our exposition service provider is eager to meet all your needs as an exhibitor. Based on our experience and close contact with the exhibitors, we offer comprehensive exposition services to achieve an orderly and efficient move-in and move-out. Our exposition service provider will assist exhibitors with freight shipping, store them for up to 30 days prior to set-up time, deliver to exhibitor’s booth at the hall, remove, store, and return empty containers and reload for outbound shipment. Exhibitors are free to make their own shipping arrangements.

Event Site
Our conference exposition provider will receive shipments delivered directly to the event site on installation day and bring to the exhibitor’s booth. They will also remove, store, return empty containers, return materials, and reload for outbound shipment.

Exhibitor Service Manual

Exhibitors will be provided with an official Annual Functional Medicine Conference Exhibitor Service Manual containing all of the necessary order forms from our exposition company and other designated contractors such as electrical, telephone, audio-visual, and floral suppliers. It will also contain additional information such as event rules and regulations, information bulletins, and exhibitor housing forms. Facility, set-up and dismantle information, and payment policy guidelines will also be included to aid exhibitors in their planning.Exhibitor service manuals will be produced and sent electronically to exhibitors by our exposition service provider.

Should you have any questions regarding the manual or any exhibitor services, please contact:

Shepard Exposition Customer Service

Phone: 404-720-8600
Email: atlanta@shepardes.com