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The American Functional Medicine Association (AFMA) Terms and Policies:

  • Please read carefully our American Functional Medicine Association (AFMA) Policies Agreement as referred to as “Agreement or Terms and Policies”. By visiting our websit or attending any AFMA event you agree to the terms and polices set forth in this agreement.
  • The conference topics are subject to change without notice. Lecture changes are sometimes
    unavoidable due to conference polices, CME requirements, schedule conflicts or emergencies. Refunds or
    credits will not be issued for conference schedule changes.
  • The published CME credits via mailers, emails, etc., for any AFMA event is an estimate of CME credits that
    may issued and is not a guarantee of the exact number.
  • The number of CME credits earned by attending an AFMA event is subject to the attendee’s licensing board and
    credits may vary. Please contact your licensing board if you have any questions
    about CME credits that may be earned with an AFMA event.
  • All attendees are responsible for providing all their contact information to AFMA at least two weeks prior
    to an AFMA event, which includes their full name and educational degree(s), which will appear on their
    name tags along their email and mailing address. It is important that AFMA have the full names, email
    and mailing addresses for all attendees and not just the person who submitted the registration.
  • If an office manager or anyone else submits a registration on the part of a medical practice or other
    persons, they must also provide each attendee’s full name, educational degree, phone number and email
    and mailing addresses. Failure to do so may result in a number of potential problems, which may include
    but are not limited to: 1) Attendee not having a name tag or other conference related documents or
    items at the time of the conference, 2) Attendee missing necessary emails and documents that are
    needed prior attendee’s arrival, 3) A delay in entrance into the conference until the attendee’s
    registration can be verified and 4) Not receiving purchased meals associated with the registration if
    applicable. If any of these should occur, AFMA will not be held responsible for any inconvenience or loss
    associated with the aforementioned.
  • No CME certificate will be issued unless all CME required documents are submitted to document your
    attendance of the lecture for which a CME credit is claimed. All attendees must sign in for each lecture
    that they attend and complete “A Needs Evaluation Form and a “Lecture CME Survey” for each lecture
    attended. CME credits are issued based on the number of the CME survey submitted and signing in for
    each lecture is insufficient documentation to issue CME credits.
  • Attendee(s) agrees to comply with all CME guidelines and meet all deadlines set forth by AFMA regarding
    the submission of CME documents. Attendee(s) agrees that failure to submit all CME documents by the
    deadline may result in a delay or forfeiture of all CME credits associated with attending an AFMA event. Attendee(s) will not be entitled to any refund or financial damages. AFMA is under no obligation to issue a
    CME certificate if the attendee(s) fails to submit their CME documents at the conclusion of the conference
    or by the deadline set forth by AFMA. Attendee(s) agree to pay any and all cost including but not limited to
    legal cost and any damages incurred by AFMA with a dispute regarding CME credits or attending an AFMA
    event as the result of the attendee(s) failure to comply with our CME polices.
  • Attendee(s) agree and acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility to procure CME surveys and
    evaluation forms from AFMA necessary to issue their CME certificate at the time of the AFMA event.
    CME surveys and evaluations forms may be available to attendees from a variety of sources such as our
    conference app, conference emails and on-site if requested. Attendee(s) agrees to waive any and all claims
    against AFMA, if attendee(s) fails to submit their CME documents at the time of the conference and no
    later than two weeks following an CME event.
  • CME certificates will be emailed to our attendees once all CME documents have been received.
  • Anyone listed under a registration or who attends, both paid and non-paid, is legally obligate to comply with the
    Terms and Polices set forth in this Agreement. The attendance of any AFMA event, attendee(s) in itself signifies full consent and agreement to this Agreement. If you do not consent to or agree any portion of our Terms and Polices do not attend an AFMA event.
  • The American Functional Medicine Association (AFMA) is dedicated to providing a harassment-free
    conference experience for all conference participants regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability,
    physical appearance, race, or religion.
  • We do not tolerate harassment of speakers, conference participants, staff or exhibitors in any form during
    conference sessions, on the exhibit hall floor, or at any other officially sanctioned conference events.
  • All communications and interactions should be appropriate for a professional audience. Comments or
    images that are defamatory, slanderous, libelous, discriminatory (on the basis of age, race, color, creed,
    body size, gender or gender preference), obscene or constitute sexual harassment are prohibited.
    Conference attendees are also prohibited from verbally abusing or physically accosting the conference
    staff, speakers, or others.
  • Conference attendees violating these guidelines are expected to comply immediately and may be
    sanctioned or expelled from the conference without a refund or liability at the discretion of the
    Conference Organizers and may banned from attending any future AFMA events. In the event that any
    said actions should occur, attendee(s) is responsible for all cost, damages and losses associated with
    attending the AFMA event and any and all cost and damages, including but not limited to legal cost and
    financial losses that AFMA may suffer as the result of any said actions.
  • If you are being harassed, witness someone else being harassed, or have any other concerns please
    contact the Conference Organizers immediately. We value the participation of our attendees, speakers,
    and exhibitors and expect all conference participants to abide by these guidelines.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the premises of an AFMA event. Anyone who violates this policy will
    be immediately evicted from the event. Attendees who become intoxicated are also subject to be
    removed from an AFMA event. Attendees who violates the aforementioned policy will be evicted at their
    expense and at no liability to AFMA.
  • The American Functional Medicine Association exhibits are designed to complement the educational
    aspects of our annual meeting sessions. The goal of our conference is to provide another avenue for the
    exchange of ideas and information on existing technologies and applications, new concepts and innovative
    designs, and the availability of products and services.
  • No one will be admitted to the exhibit hall without possessing a badge.
  • There is to be no solicitation of business during the conference hours except during exhibit hall breaks and
    by those who are confirmed paid exhibitors. Non-exhibiting companies and attendees selling during the
    conference times or during scheduled conference events will be escorted from the conference and not
    allowed to return at their expense and no cost, damages or losses will be due to them for any reason. If
    AFMA should incur costs, losses, damages, etc., due to the aforementioned, Attendee(s) or company
    agrees to that they are liable for any money may be due as the result of their actions.
  • If an attendee(s) is caught soliciting or promoting a business, product, service, company or organization
    without the written approval of AFMA for themselves or a third party attendee(s) will be sanctioned or
    expelled from the conference at the attendee(s) expense and no refund will be due to them. Attendee(s)
    agrees that they will be responsible for all costs, damages or losses associated sanctions or expulsion
    from the conference and any and all cost and damages, including but not limited to legal cost and financial
    losses that AFMA may suffer as the result of any said actions.
  • The Conference Organizers reserve the right to refuse to admit or eject any person from the conference or
    exhibit hall floor.
  • Please be advised that only paid attendees will be allowed in the conference room.
  • Children and unregistered spouses may not attend the conference or sponsored events.
  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the conference area or in the exhibit hall.
  • Name badges must be worn at all times. Guests are not eligible for CME credit and must pay the
    conference registration to be eligible for CME credits .
  • Each attendee must create an account and purchase their registration. This step will enable the
    attendee to access course materials, and to retrieve their CME certificates.
  • Registrations are subject to cancellation policies. No refund will be issued for cancellations after four
    weeks prior to an event. Registrations are non-transferable. Failure not to appear at the program
    with no prior written cancellation will result in complete forfeiture of the registration fee and course
    will not count toward certification (nonrefundable, nontransferable, no exceptions). We understand
    that emergencies are beyond your control. At the discretion of conference organizers, registrations
    may be applied towards future events.
  • Cancellation requests must be received in writing by email at contactusafma@gmail.com or fax at 678-
    443-4029. Attendee(s) must receive a written acknowledgement from AFMA to be eligible for a
    refund if applicable.
  • Video/Photo Release: Occasionally the conference organizers may document the conference sessions and/or
    exhibit hall in video or photograph format for archival and/or promotional purposes. Unless this permission
    is revoked in writing to the conference organizers, by virtue of attending all conference participants agree to
    the use of their voice and/or image in such materials.
  • The rights and privileges of an attendee shall not infringed upon by any other attendee. Canvassing,
    solicitation of business, or the use of advertising material or signs by attendees other than those who
    have contracted for exhibit space is prohibited during conference hours or during times conference
    scheduled activities. The distribution by attendees of circulars, catalogs, or other advertising materials for
    themselves or other companies is prohibited. AFMA has the right to decline or prohibit any display or
    portion thereof of anyone who is not contracted as an exhibitor or any reason, which in the opinion of the
    Association Executive Director is not proper or in keeping with the character of the exhibition. AFMA may
    prohibit or evict any attendee exhibiting behavior that, in the opinion of the Executive Director, may
    detract from the general character of the conference as a whole. In the event of an eviction, AFMA is not
    liable for any refunds or other expenses incurred by the evicted attendee.
  • Attendees will conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner at all times while at the
    conference. Attendees are to refrain from making any disparaging remarks or complaints to other
    attendees, speakers, AFMA employees or exhibitors. If you have a complaint, you must speak with the
    conference organizers. Attendees are to refrain from making abusive remarks to conference staff
    members, speakers, attendees or exhibitors. Attendees may be expelled immediately from the conference
    and exhibit hall for violating the Code of Conduct and AFMA is not liable for any refunds s or other
  • Cancellations, Indemnification: It is understood and agreed that in the conference schedule is subject to
    change without notice and no refund will be due if such changes occur. In the event of the cancellation of
    an AFMA ConferenceAFMA Conference the attendee should be refunded in full their registration fees
    within 60 days of cancellation of the conference or event. Attendee hereby waives any claims for
    damages or compensation should the conference be so terminated or rescheduled and accepts the refund
    of their conference/event registration fee as compensation in full. It is agreed that, should an attendee be
    restricted or evicted due to inappropriate conduct (as determined by the Executive Director) or violation of
    these or other stated or implied Terms and Policies, the attendee hereby waives any claims for
    damages, liability or compensation. Should restriction, eviction or violation occur, the attendee is
    responsible for any and all expenses incurred by AFMA to enforce these Terms and Policies or as a
    result of the attendee’s behavior or actions. Attendee agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless
    AFMA including but not limited to affiliates, faculty, speakers, board members, employees, etc., from any
    and all liability, loss, damage or expense resulting from your association with AFMA, conference
    attendance or educational materials distributed.
  • Disputes: This AFMA Terms and Policies Agreement, and all transactions and interactions contemplated
    hereby, shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.
    The Parties herein waive trial by jury and agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of a court
    of subject matter jurisdiction located in Dekalb County, State of Georgia. In the event that litigation results
    from or arises out of this Agreement or the performance thereof, the Parties agree to reimburse the
    prevailing party’s reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, and all other expenses, whether or not taxable
    by the court as costs, in addition to any other relief to which the prevailing party may be entitled. In such
    event, no action shall be entertained by said court or any court of competent jurisdiction if filed more than
    one year subsequent to the date the cause(s) of action actually accrued regardless of whether damages
    were otherwise as of said time calculable.
    Any claim or controversy arising among or between the parties i.e. AFMA and attendee(s) hereto and any
    claim or controversy arising out of or respecting any matter contained in our Terms and Policies or any
    difference as to the interpretation of any of the provisions of our Terms and Policies shall be settled by
    arbitration in Dekalb County, of the state of Georgia under the prevailing rules of the American Arbitration
    Association. In any arbitration involving this Agreement, the arbitrators shall not make any award, which
    will alter, change, cancel or rescind any provision of the Agreement and their award shall be consistent
    with the provisions of this Agreement. Any such arbitration must be commenced no later than One (1)
    year from the date such claim or controversy arose. The award of the arbitrators shall be final and binding
    and judgment may be entered in the jurisdiction of Dekalb County, State of Georgia. Service of process
    and notice of arbitration of any and all documents and papers may be made either by Certified or
    Registered mail, addressed to either party at the addresses listed in the Agreement. Any notice under this
    Agreement shall be deemed given on the third business day following the mailing of any such notice,
    postage paid, to the address set forth above.
  • SEVERABILITY: If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for
    any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. If a court finds that
    any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it
    would become valid and enforceable, then such provision shall be deemed to be written, construed,
    and enforced as so limited